19 April 2023

Hello Everyone

Season 2023 Is About to Start! 

As we approach Round 1 this weekend, I thought it was timely to write to you all and let you know
what your club has been doing behind the scenes to ensure a successful 2023 footy season.
In particular, I’d like to welcome all new players and families joining us for the first time this year.
Team Composition
Player registration numbers have been consistent with last year, which means in some age groups
we did not reach the ideal 18-24 player squad size.
In past years we have managed this by finding ‘top up’ players from younger age groups each week, however this creates a high level of work for Coaches and Team Managers each week, and schedule clashes can make it impossible to field a full team.
Based on parent and volunteer feedback, your Committee decided to take a different approach for
Season 2023 to ensure we have full sides as best we can each week. This has been achieved by:
– Merging some age groups;
– Asking some players to play in a higher age group, where Coaches believe the is safe and reasonable to do so; and
– Partnering with Templestowe Junior Football Club to enter combined Warrandyte
Templestowe teams in some age groups. Please join me in welcoming the Templestowe
players and families.
We are continually working with local schools and kinders to attract more players, another drive is taking place as we speak to attract more players in the Auskick and lower age groups.
Season Set Up
Your Committee is working tirelessly behind the scenes with grading of teams, ground allocations, school liaison, uniforms sponsorships, team manager and first aider coordination training and social calendar planning. We hope the start of the season will be as smooth as it possible can be.
One thing to note amongst the older (competitive) age groups is this year the first 4 rounds are
grading games. Hopefully teams will be graded appropriately after this.

Key Rule Changes for Season 2023
Please note two new rules I would like to bring to your attention:
New Rule 1 – “No spectators are to enter the centre third of the playing field (between each arc, including the centre square at any break).

Only match officials, umpires and players, identified clearly in the bib relevant to their role, may enter the playing field during this period.
Parents and spectators may not cross the boundary line at any break for the purpose of approaching the team huddle. There is no restriction on where the huddle may be positioned (but must be
between the forward arcs).
The Ground Manager and/or Umpire Escort should ensure during breaks that parents/spectators are not to approach the umpires or officials. In any grade, parents or spectators are permitted to cross the oval and kick the football inside the forward arcs “
New Rule 2 – “Order Off Rule – Officials”
“ Where Unacceptable Behaviours are emanating from the Coaching Box, a three-phase system will
be undertaken by the Field Umpire/s via the use of White and Red cards to stop such behaviours in
real time. The three phases are:
• 1st Phase – a warning (White card shown)
• 2nd Phase – another warning, free kick and 25m penalty (White card shown)
• 3rd Phase – Head Coach reported and removed from game, free kick and 25m penalty (Red card

Thank You to our Volunteers
I would like to take this time to thank all the team volunteers: Coaches, Team Managers, Trainer/First Aiders and other volunteers that have given their time this year to look after our teams.
I would also like to thank your Committee for their tireless work getting the club ready for Season

Round 1 Matches – ANZAC Round
We will be observing ANZAC Day during Round 1 on Sunday 23 April with a short ceremony before
every game this weekend.

First WJFC Family Night for 2023
We will be holding our first family night at the clubrooms on Sunday 30th April from 5pm. This is a great chance to connect so please note this in your diary and I hope to see you there.
Finally, good luck to all the players and teams for the weekend and rest of the year.

Brad Byrnes
WJFC President