Position Name   Email
President  Travis Reddaway    president@warrandytejfc.org
Treasurer  Elissa Nitschinsk    treasurer@warrandytejfc.org
Secretary Irene Vouterakos    secretary@warrandytejfc.org
Registrar Elissa Nitschinsk   registrar@warrandytejfc.org
Finance TBC    
Sponsorship  Sue Rodwell    
Football Operations  Brad McGown    
Football Operations – Girls  John Rogan    
 YJFL Director  TBC    
 WSG Representative  Gavin Andrew    
Apparel  Angela Davidson   amd.0205@gmail.com
Canteen  Jo May    jjeemm@optusnet.com.au
Grounds Manager  Mark Habel    
 Risk Management TBC    
 Bloods Diary Rosie Matheson    
Trainer Co-ordinator  Susie Bell   sbbell@bigpond.com
Property  Nikki McGown    bandnmcgown@bigpond.com
Website  Elissa Nitschinsk    info@bcreative.net.au
Child Safety Officer Linda Phillips   lindaphilip@aapt.net.au


Major Sponsors

Bendigo bank warrandyte

All uniform and apparel orders will be delivered to your Team Manager or Team at Training - There are no home deliveries Dismiss