Medical and Insurance Information

Medical insurance for injuries (game or training)
An incident report should be completed where a player has been injured during a game or training, and:
1. requires treatment at the ground, or
2. attends a doctor or hospital following the incident
The club requests that anyone who is affected by an injury – whether it be during a game or at training, to complete our standard Injury Report Form (link available in the Trainers section of the website) and return it to The WJFC Secretary. By completing an Injury report form you will allow us to keep track of these incidents and enable us to assist and support you. Team trainers complete injury report forms following an injury during a game.
The Yarra Junior Football League carries medical insurance to assist with costs should a player, official, coach or volunteer need medical treatment as a result of an on-field injury – be it during a game or during training.
 If Colbrow Medical staff manage an injury on gameday, a report will be forwarded to YJFL by 9am on the Monday following the game. This report may assist with the documentation requirements for any insurance claim.

Contact details for the YJFL:

Ford Park                                      Cnr Davidson St & Perkins Avenue
BELLFIELD 3081                        Telephone: 9850 6615                Email: Business hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm

Anybody from our club who wishes to make a claim should first visit the Marsh website where they can get up greater detail on the cover.
Marsh – National Insurance Program 

Quick lodgement and a fully completed claim form will assist speedy processing of your participants.

All participants under the YJFL are covered utilising the Platinum Cover.

It is highly recommend that individuals and families, seek their own private and ambulance cover, seperate to this cover.